Monday, April 29, 2013


""Sometimes nature is so interesting and we have funny trees like this. If you are not interested with swimming but you will have time to enjoy the nature along Tanzania coast and its nice beach. "

"""We promise you unique and special events. Most of our tourist have special moment about their trips in Tanzania Nationa parks. In photo it was fighting between Giraffes "the pride of Tanzania" . Plan your visit now, Your happiness is our intention. ""

""here is the southern junction of the eastern and western arms of Rift Valey which starts from Red Sea (dead sea) in Middle East. This is Mount Rungwe which is also active volcano found in the Mbeya, southern Tanzania. When visiting this place will enjoy the sweetest rice from Kyela.

"""stone age town Isimila Iringa, South-West Tanzania far back to the primitive ages. this town was made by the time Human Being was using STONE as the main TOOL of production. Means stone was knife, was hoe, was machete was needle.....

"""Baobab tree can live up to 100 years, They are available in most part of Tanzania... For example some tribes do agree that it has magic power, its a house of demons, its medicinal plants etc, do you think so?"

 Matema Beach Resort, in the shore of Lake Nyasa, Mbeya Tanzania, such clear water of the this lake, so pleasant for swimming. Recommended for for couples as the place is very romantic,cool,quiet and so unique.""" thinking loud
""Feel proud to be on the roof of Africa, Trekking Mountain is a unique and historic event. Welcome to Kilimanjaro National park"" 

"""One of our Tourist with Maasai family in popular traditional Maasai Arusha, Tanzania, house "Manyata" if you will be interest you will also have time to dance and super class BBQ

"""Coconut water (popular as Dafu) it is very famous drink in the coast of Tanzania. cheaply available and sometime your host can offer you for free as a pride of your visit. Welcome and feel happy with us."""

"""Its unbelievable BUT true; come and see the DANCING ROCK in Saa Nane Island, then Wonderful hanging rocks with superb natural landscaping in Mwanza city, at the shore of African largest lake, and 3 in the world, Lake Victoria. the city is also known as Rock City due to its famous magic hanging volcanic rocks. "" thinking loud

"""do you know ANTELOPE CAN FLY??!!!!! In Tanzania, in some of National parks, it is possible to see. When they are drinking water while Crocodile is very hungry, The only chance to escape is to fly as you can see in the photo. Come and see the untold wonders of the world. with maximum hospitality"" 

"""This rocks of snow are available 5 degree south of Equator, they are there throught out the year. The peak of Mountain Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. Plan this trekking and you will witness wonders of this Mountain. When the snow melts in Northern countries come and enjoy with us in Tanzania

"""UNESCO listed RED COLOBUS monkey as an endemic species, they are found ONLY in Udzungwa, Eastern Tanzania. Be one of the few people (Myself one of them) to see this friendly and very funny monkeys. We always have something unique for you.

"""A close view of Lions in Mkomazi National Park. you can have a tour to this park and be bark to Tanga City or Dar Es Salaam city, Tanzania. warmly welcome."" 

""If you want you will receive TRADITIONAL ROYAL welcome, (little payment is need off course) In Tanzania, you have a chance to feel at home. Our people are so happy and eager to welcome you""" 

""These are parrots.... they have a lot for you if you have enough time to stay with them. Suitable birds for recreation purposes. Welcome to Tanzania we will try to make you stay unique and awesome.""" 

""This bird with its uncountable colors is so happy enjoying the beautiful natural environment. I failed to know how many colors does it have. Available in Udzungwa and Kitulo National parks."" thinking loud

"""TRUE LOVE is sharing internal feeling and communications between two. Giraffes sharing feeling and communicating as they were found in Ruaha National Park southern Tanzania. we got another lesson from Mother Nature """

"""When you see the white and black Ostrich, i hope you will ask your tour guide what does it mean, why black is bigger and less than the white ones, In any national park in Tanzania they are easily seen"" thinking loud

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